Banking BI Framework

Financial Service Framework

Retail, Pharma, CPG BI Frameworks

What is Pranali BI Framework?

Pranali’s BI Framework (click on the diagrams above) is a set of ready data models for banks and other verticals. The framework is broken down by BI subject areas. Each subject area has its own set of data models that may be populated from the metadata layer drawn from the organisation’s source system/s. Pranali’s BI Framework has staging data models, data model publishing processes with embedded best practices and proven methodologies, subject-wise published data models/marts and many suggested reports, dashboards and BI paradigms for proactive analysis of data within the data model.

Even as individual subject area may be taken up for design, development, and implementation, the data models within the subject area may be implemented in modular fashion, Pranali’s Banking BI Framework follows Bus Architecture to ensure scalability and enterprise-wide deployment.

For long term data warehouse success we need to use an architected incremental approach to building the Enterprise Warehouse. We advocate Data Warehouse Bus architecture as the right approach. A Bus is a common structure to which everything connects and from which everything derives power. By defining a standard bus interface for data warehouse environment separate data marts can be implemented by different groups at different times. The separate data marts can be plugged together and can usefully co-exist if they adhere to the standard. We design a master suite of standardized dimensions and facts that have uniform interpretation across the enterprise. This establishes the data architecture framework. We then tackle the implementation of separate data marts in which each iteration closely adheres to the architecture. As separate data marts come on line they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

Pranali Consultants have proven BI frameworks for following business verticals:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Pharmaceuticals, Retail and CPG/FMCG Vertical
  • Logistics Vertical
  • Hospitality Vertical
  • Global Consulting Services Firms
  • Third party payment services
  • IT – Services
  • Retail Vertical
  • Education Vertical

Unlocking the Power of Information with Pranali BI Frameworks can Give Dramatic Results

  • Assessment of Financial performance and Potential Improvement Areas
  • Assessment of the Key strengths of the Businesses Information can help choose Strategic direction to meet the vision
  • Customer Segmentation to business vertical can increase business share and revenue
  • Comparison of Performance vis-a-vis Targets and Peers can provide valuable insights
  • Businesses can effectively move in the direction of Predictive Analytics for gaining competitive advantage

What is the Business Problem which needs to be addressed?

Leveraging Data as an Asset for Competitive Advantage is critical for survival and continuity for all businesses. However direct connection to transaction data source/s almost never works because:

  • New releases of application software frequently introduce changes that make it necessary to rewrite and test reports.
  • Field names are often hard to decipher. Some are just meaningless strings of characters.
  • Tables are structured to optimize data entry and validation performance, making them hard to use for retrieval and analysis.
  • There is no good way to incorporate worthwhile data from other sources into the database of a particular application.
  • There is a risk that BI users might misuse or corrupt the transaction data.

Why Pranali BI Frameworks?

Pranali BI Frameworks are built with more than 400 man-years of experience in providing comprehensive enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solutions.

As against risking failure with trial and method approach to developing and deploying data models, Pranali BI Frameworks ensure sure shot success in deploying BI data models and BI solutions.

Furthermore, Pranali BI Frameworks save substantial time in the BI Project Life Cycle as there is ready code available for quick customization and there are proven best practices and methodologies embedded into the processes of developing and deploying data models.

Pranali BI Framework Drastically Reduces Cost of Information

  • Drastically cuts down the cost of information by reducing dependency on the knowledge of transaction processing systems, for analysis and reporting to management.
  • With pre-defined and proven processes organizes data from multiple data sources in a manner which is a lot easier to use.
  • It is built around a carefully designed data model that transforms production data from a high-speed data entry design to one that supports high-speed retrieval.
  • It provides self-service analysis environment to end-users of Business Intelligence without coding and depending on any Vendor/IT intervention.
  • Retains data for long periods of time so that trending and statistical analysis provide tremendous value add to decision-makers.

Pranali Presentation Layer BI Framework

The Data Component (ETL Layer)

Different businesses use different core ERP and other transaction processing systems for managing their operations. Even where two businesses have implemented exactly the same transaction processing systems the implementation varies from one business to another. Pranali’s BI Framework has to extract, transform and load data from a businesses’s core ERP and other transaction processing systems. Customized effort is required for mapping data from transaction processing systems to the staging data models as finalized with business users.

The Presentation Layer Component

The presentation layer is built on the data models published by the Pranali BI Framework. The presentation layer may be in the form of reports, dashboards, KPI scorecards, etc. Although in our Presentation Layer Framework, there are hundreds of pre-designed reports and dashboards for reference purposes, the businesses are likely to design their own formats and content for these outputs in the presentation layer. So also, businesses may use different BI tools and technologies for deploying BI content drawn from our published data models. Customization of the presentation layer component may, therefore, be necessary.

  • The presentation layer is built on the data models published by the Pranali BI Frameworks.
  • Pranali Presentation Layer Framework readily addresses multifunctional BI needs across business verticals.
  • The Pranali Presentation layer is in the form of Reports, Dashboards, KPI scorecards, etc. which can quickly be fine-tuned for any business thereby reducing TAT for deployment.
  • The businesses are likely to design their own formats and content in the presentation layer – Self Service BI.
  • Businesses may use different BI tools and technologies for deploying BI content drawn from our published data models.